Navigation Pavilion Exhibition Center

On a planet where its two thirds are covered by water, navigation has served as a bridge between cultures, making our world a better known place.

Seville represents this process of transforming the oceans into paths for human beings. From here the encounter between two continents was provoked, great geographical discoveries were promoted, the world was circumnavigated for the first time and routes between three continents were organized.

The Pavilion of Navigation, with its permanent exhibition, is a center of reference on the most universal past of Seville, but also aims to be a space with diversity in content and multiple activities, in line with the new trends in cultural management.

Public Company of Management of Assets, S.A. (Empresa Pública de Gestión de Activos, S.A. - EPGASA) is the owner of the Navigation Pavilion and responsible for its management since its reopening to the public in January 2012.

EPGASA depends on the Department of Economy, Finance and Public Administration of the Junta de Andalucía. Its corporate purpose, among others, is the administration and conservation and any other asset management activity and rights of its property.